Thursday, 18 March 2010

TOC Final

This is my contents page I have followed the branding set by the front cover by using the same colour scheme and fonts, I have also inter-linked the branding used on the double page spread on my contents page too, I have done this by having the same “December 2009 Pulse” and then the page number. The only difference between them is they are slightly opposite to each other however this is simply because I want to have the page number right in the corner of the page so the “December 2009 Pulse” must switch sides depending on which page it is on (left or right.)
I have made my contents page very audience friendly as everything is neatly categorized and the page is not cluttered with information, I have done this because as I have previously mentioned I believe that magazines are bought for the purpose of relaxation not stress and worry that you cannot find the page you are looking for!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Photoshoot Images

I have chosen to use the second and fourth photographs for the contents page graphic contents. Unfortunately I was unable to take a satisfactory photograph of Tash Khan as we were short on time however I instead will use one of the photographs of her used in the film strip.

Friday, 5 March 2010

TOC Mock-Up Two

However with the time I had left in which to complete my work to a high-quality standard I realised I would be better off making a simpler contents page. I still wanted to include my graphic contents idea so I down scaled it to three eye catching pictures and used the rest of the page for the editor’s note and full magazine content. I split my full magazine content into three sections to make it more reader friendly these three sections where news, features and exclusive. For example in news I would place gossip articles or articles on album releases, in features interviews and current charts and in exclusive things that the reader can only find in pulse for example the interview with Megan Moore!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

TOC Mock-Up One

Originally I wanted to make a double page contents page as I believe magazines are bought in order to help relax and indulge in personal interests so I wanted to use the right hand page for a graphic contents page using images with page numbers of the more important articles to save the consumer having to scan threw the entire contents to find the article which they were most interested in reading. I would then use the left hand page for the editor’s note and full contents of the magazine.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

DPS Final

This is my final draft of my double page spread I have only made a slight changes here of removing the black bar across the bottom of the left hand page. However to solve the previous issue of having too much white space I have added some branding into this section of the double page spread. I have done this by simply adding the text “Pulse December 2009” next to the page number in the appropriate colours and fonts. This simple change has entirely changed the white space without needing to fill it completely.
The second change I have made is that of the pull quote here I have made the text slightly bigger and instead of centring it have aligned it to the left hand side of the column like the rest of the text, this has also made the whole page have a much more professional feel to it.